July 8, 2018


Janet Lewis - JSL Communications

Tina's knowledgeable, straightforward and unfailingly honest approach to media relations made her one of the best marketing communications/PR directors I ever worked with as a journalist. She never waffles, evades or tries to avoid answering a query by dodging calls or delay--she either gives you as much as she can, or tells you she can't comment. Tina knows how to give a great quote--and, of course, she's great fun.

Lee Oliver - Cotio Consulting

Tina is just different class. Always fair and always prepared to think differently, but also never afraid to give solid advice.

Nick Dyne - Cash Netting Services

Great stuff. I've known Tina for over 25 years; she was an invaluable help when she was at EBS and since then, she has provided marketing consultancy and has helped transform the image of two of my companies (positively!) - Logicscope and Cash Netting Services. Great sense of humour, very hard working and good value (if marketing can be considered good value!).

Natascha Ryan - Nexmo

I will always associate Tina with the outstanding success with which she marketed EBS in the forex world. Working to the highest standards, she delivers without fail, lets her genuine passion and enthusiasm shine through. Her vision, creativity and strategic direction has brought remarkable transformation to companies. What makes Tina unique is her charm, intellect and the trust she instills. I would recommend Tina at all times - without hesitation.

Peter Bartko - founder and former CEO, EBS

I chose Tina to do the PR/marketing for two companies I founded and ran - first FXNET in 1985 then EBS in 1990, which became the world's leading Spot FX electronic broking system. This relationship lasted until my retirement at the end of 2001. Subsequently, Tina has periodically provided her help and expertise in several projects I have been involved in. Tina is the consummate professional, who quickly grasps with deep understanding the business proposition at hand. She is very creative in developing clearly-stated, visually attractive means of positioning that proposition in the market place. She has unrivaled drafting skills, which matches the style of her client. She is an outstanding spokes person, capable of explaining any aspect of the enterprise to the press and other external communities with the ease and aplomb of a seasoned business manager. She has long and deep relationships throughout the media community with a superb networking touch. I am more than pleased to recommend Tina for your favourable consideration

Joerg Pinkernell - Barclays

Tina has a deep and wide understanding of global financial markets and a talent for creating 'on message' themes and communications tools - often at very short notice and under great pressure! She has the ability to make even standard products appear interesting and differentiated from the competition. At the same time, she avoids jargon and techno-speak, delivering clean, clear and focused market/product positioning and packaging. She also has a very good attitude of "getting the job done". We  enjoyed working with Tina and hope to continue to do so in the future.

Michelle Hemstedt - Profit & Loss Publications

I have worked closely with Tina in a number of my roles over the years. She is professional, reliable, honest, and a very strong communicator, with extensive knowledge of product and brand marketing, particularly in relation to the financial markets and the technology which drives them. Tina is always a pleasure to work with, and I would not hesitate to recommend her.

Michael Jablon - Wyndham Worldwide

Tina was the author of all creative and strategic marketing initiatives for EBS from the inception of the company. Her strong understanding of the product, industry and target markets resulted in an immeasurable contribution to the company’s success. She is a brilliant and ethical professional with an endearing wit, tenacity and charm. I would consider it an honor if we had the chance to work together again.